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Miles per hour to Meters per minute table - Click here for table options
Miles per hour Meters per minute
0mph 0.00m/min
1mph 26.82m/min
2mph 53.64m/min
3mph 80.47m/min
4mph 107.29m/min
5mph 134.11m/min
6mph 160.93m/min
7mph 187.76m/min
8mph 214.58m/min
9mph 241.40m/min
10mph 268.22m/min
11mph 295.05m/min
12mph 321.87m/min
13mph 348.69m/min
14mph 375.51m/min
15mph 402.34m/min
16mph 429.16m/min
17mph 455.98m/min
18mph 482.80m/min
19mph 509.63m/min
Miles per hour Meters per minute
20mph 536.45m/min
21mph 563.27m/min
22mph 590.09m/min
23mph 616.92m/min
24mph 643.74m/min
25mph 670.56m/min
26mph 697.38m/min
27mph 724.20m/min
28mph 751.03m/min
29mph 777.85m/min
30mph 804.67m/min
31mph 831.49m/min
32mph 858.32m/min
33mph 885.14m/min
34mph 911.96m/min
35mph 938.78m/min
36mph 965.61m/min
37mph 992.43m/min
38mph 1019.25m/min
39mph 1046.07m/min
Miles per hour Meters per minute
40mph 1072.90m/min
41mph 1099.72m/min
42mph 1126.54m/min
43mph 1153.36m/min
44mph 1180.19m/min
45mph 1207.01m/min
46mph 1233.83m/min
47mph 1260.65m/min
48mph 1287.48m/min
49mph 1314.30m/min
50mph 1341.12m/min
51mph 1367.94m/min
52mph 1394.76m/min
53mph 1421.59m/min
54mph 1448.41m/min
55mph 1475.23m/min
56mph 1502.05m/min
57mph 1528.88m/min
58mph 1555.70m/min
59mph 1582.52m/min
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Miles per hour

This is a measurement of speed typically used in non-metric countries for transport such as the USA. The United Kingdom also uses this on the roads although officially the metric system has been adopted. Road speed limits are given in miles per hour which is abbreviated as mph or mi/h.

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