Atmospheres to Millimeters of water conversion

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mm H2O =
atm * 10332
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Atmospheres Millimeters of water
0atm 0.00mm H2O
1atm 10332.27mm H2O
2atm 20664.55mm H2O
3atm 30996.82mm H2O
4atm 41329.10mm H2O
5atm 51661.37mm H2O
6atm 61993.65mm H2O
7atm 72325.92mm H2O
8atm 82658.19mm H2O
9atm 92990.47mm H2O
10atm 103322.74mm H2O
11atm 113655.02mm H2O
12atm 123987.29mm H2O
13atm 134319.57mm H2O
14atm 144651.84mm H2O
15atm 154984.12mm H2O
16atm 165316.39mm H2O
17atm 175648.66mm H2O
18atm 185980.94mm H2O
19atm 196313.21mm H2O
Atmospheres Millimeters of water
20atm 206645.49mm H2O
21atm 216977.76mm H2O
22atm 227310.04mm H2O
23atm 237642.31mm H2O
24atm 247974.58mm H2O
25atm 258306.86mm H2O
26atm 268639.13mm H2O
27atm 278971.41mm H2O
28atm 289303.68mm H2O
29atm 299635.96mm H2O
30atm 309968.23mm H2O
31atm 320300.51mm H2O
32atm 330632.78mm H2O
33atm 340965.05mm H2O
34atm 351297.33mm H2O
35atm 361629.60mm H2O
36atm 371961.88mm H2O
37atm 382294.15mm H2O
38atm 392626.43mm H2O
39atm 402958.70mm H2O
Atmospheres Millimeters of water
40atm 413290.97mm H2O
41atm 423623.25mm H2O
42atm 433955.52mm H2O
43atm 444287.80mm H2O
44atm 454620.07mm H2O
45atm 464952.35mm H2O
46atm 475284.62mm H2O
47atm 485616.90mm H2O
48atm 495949.17mm H2O
49atm 506281.44mm H2O
50atm 516613.72mm H2O
51atm 526945.99mm H2O
52atm 537278.27mm H2O
53atm 547610.54mm H2O
54atm 557942.82mm H2O
55atm 568275.09mm H2O
56atm 578607.36mm H2O
57atm 588939.64mm H2O
58atm 599271.91mm H2O
59atm 609604.19mm H2O
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1 atmosphere is the pressure exerted by the weight of air in the atmosphere acting on 1 square centimeter and is defined as being equal to 101325 Pa

mm H2O =
atm * 10332
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