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Swiss franc

The Swiss Franc is the official currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is also used in the region of Campione d’Italia in Italy as well as in Büsingen am Hochrhein of Germany. One Swiss Franc is worth 100 Centimes, also known as Rappen in German and Centesimo in Italian. Coins come in 5, 10 and 20 Swiss Centimes as well as ½, 1, 2 and 5 Swiss Francs. Banknotes are available in 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 1000 Swiss Francs. As a reserve currency, the Swiss Franc is ranked 4th in value in the world at the time of writing.


Convert Swiss franc to Serbian dinar

Serbian dinar

The subunit of the Serbian Dinar, the Para, comes from Turkish silver coins of the same name. 'Para' means 'money' or 'coin' which was a phrase used in the days of the Ottoman Empire.


Swiss franc to Serbian dinar table
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Swiss franc Serbian dinar
CHF1.00 РСД102.77
CHF2.00 РСД205.53
CHF3.00 РСД308.30
CHF4.00 РСД411.07
CHF5.00 РСД513.84
CHF6.00 РСД616.60
CHF7.00 РСД719.37
CHF8.00 РСД822.14
CHF9.00 РСД924.91
CHF10.00 РСД1027.67
CHF11.00 РСД1130.44
CHF12.00 РСД1233.21
CHF13.00 РСД1335.97
CHF14.00 РСД1438.74
CHF15.00 РСД1541.51
CHF16.00 РСД1644.28
CHF17.00 РСД1747.04
CHF18.00 РСД1849.81
CHF19.00 РСД1952.58
CHF20.00 РСД2055.35
Swiss franc Serbian dinar
CHF21.00 РСД2158.11
CHF22.00 РСД2260.88
CHF23.00 РСД2363.65
CHF24.00 РСД2466.42
CHF25.00 РСД2569.18
CHF26.00 РСД2671.95
CHF27.00 РСД2774.72
CHF28.00 РСД2877.48
CHF29.00 РСД2980.25
CHF30.00 РСД3083.02
CHF31.00 РСД3185.79
CHF32.00 РСД3288.55
CHF33.00 РСД3391.32
CHF34.00 РСД3494.09
CHF35.00 РСД3596.86
CHF36.00 РСД3699.62
CHF37.00 РСД3802.39
CHF38.00 РСД3905.16
CHF39.00 РСД4007.92
CHF40.00 РСД4110.69
Swiss franc Serbian dinar
CHF41.00 РСД4213.46
CHF42.00 РСД4316.23
CHF43.00 РСД4418.99
CHF44.00 РСД4521.76
CHF45.00 РСД4624.53
CHF46.00 РСД4727.30
CHF47.00 РСД4830.06
CHF48.00 РСД4932.83
CHF49.00 РСД5035.60
CHF50.00 РСД5138.37
CHF51.00 РСД5241.13
CHF52.00 РСД5343.90
CHF53.00 РСД5446.67
CHF54.00 РСД5549.43
CHF55.00 РСД5652.20
CHF56.00 РСД5754.97
CHF57.00 РСД5857.74
CHF58.00 РСД5960.50
CHF59.00 РСД6063.27
CHF60.00 РСД6166.04
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