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Swiss franc

The Swiss Franc is the official currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is also used in the region of Campione d’Italia in Italy as well as in Büsingen am Hochrhein of Germany. One Swiss Franc is worth 100 Centimes, also known as Rappen in German and Centesimo in Italian. Coins come in 5, 10 and 20 Swiss Centimes as well as ½, 1, 2 and 5 Swiss Francs. Banknotes are available in 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 1000 Swiss Francs. As a reserve currency, the Swiss Franc is ranked 4th in value in the world at the time of writing.


Convert Swiss franc to Macedonian denar

Macedonian denar

The early Macedonian Denar banknotes were of very poor quality. This was because they were produced in secret before the Republic of Macedonia claimed its independence. 'Denar' originates from the word 'denarius' which was a Roman unit of currency.


Swiss franc to Macedonian denar table
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Swiss franc Macedonian denar
CHF1.00 ден53.03
CHF2.00 ден106.05
CHF3.00 ден159.08
CHF4.00 ден212.10
CHF5.00 ден265.13
CHF6.00 ден318.16
CHF7.00 ден371.18
CHF8.00 ден424.21
CHF9.00 ден477.24
CHF10.00 ден530.26
CHF11.00 ден583.29
CHF12.00 ден636.31
CHF13.00 ден689.34
CHF14.00 ден742.37
CHF15.00 ден795.39
CHF16.00 ден848.42
CHF17.00 ден901.45
CHF18.00 ден954.47
CHF19.00 ден1007.50
CHF20.00 ден1060.52
Swiss franc Macedonian denar
CHF21.00 ден1113.55
CHF22.00 ден1166.58
CHF23.00 ден1219.60
CHF24.00 ден1272.63
CHF25.00 ден1325.66
CHF26.00 ден1378.68
CHF27.00 ден1431.71
CHF28.00 ден1484.73
CHF29.00 ден1537.76
CHF30.00 ден1590.79
CHF31.00 ден1643.81
CHF32.00 ден1696.84
CHF33.00 ден1749.87
CHF34.00 ден1802.89
CHF35.00 ден1855.92
CHF36.00 ден1908.94
CHF37.00 ден1961.97
CHF38.00 ден2015.00
CHF39.00 ден2068.02
CHF40.00 ден2121.05
Swiss franc Macedonian denar
CHF41.00 ден2174.08
CHF42.00 ден2227.10
CHF43.00 ден2280.13
CHF44.00 ден2333.15
CHF45.00 ден2386.18
CHF46.00 ден2439.21
CHF47.00 ден2492.23
CHF48.00 ден2545.26
CHF49.00 ден2598.29
CHF50.00 ден2651.31
CHF51.00 ден2704.34
CHF52.00 ден2757.36
CHF53.00 ден2810.39
CHF54.00 ден2863.42
CHF55.00 ден2916.44
CHF56.00 ден2969.47
CHF57.00 ден3022.50
CHF58.00 ден3075.52
CHF59.00 ден3128.55
CHF60.00 ден3181.57
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