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Swiss franc Iranian rial
CHF1.00 ریال34392.21
CHF2.00 ریال68784.42
CHF3.00 ریال103176.62
CHF4.00 ریال137568.83
CHF5.00 ریال171961.04
CHF6.00 ریال206353.25
CHF7.00 ریال240745.46
CHF8.00 ریال275137.67
CHF9.00 ریال309529.87
CHF10.00 ریال343922.08
CHF11.00 ریال378314.29
CHF12.00 ریال412706.50
CHF13.00 ریال447098.71
CHF14.00 ریال481490.92
CHF15.00 ریال515883.12
CHF16.00 ریال550275.33
CHF17.00 ریال584667.54
CHF18.00 ریال619059.75
CHF19.00 ریال653451.96
CHF20.00 ریال687844.17
Swiss franc Iranian rial
CHF21.00 ریال722236.37
CHF22.00 ریال756628.58
CHF23.00 ریال791020.79
CHF24.00 ریال825413.00
CHF25.00 ریال859805.21
CHF26.00 ریال894197.42
CHF27.00 ریال928589.62
CHF28.00 ریال962981.83
CHF29.00 ریال997374.04
CHF30.00 ریال1031766.25
CHF31.00 ریال1066158.46
CHF32.00 ریال1100550.67
CHF33.00 ریال1134942.87
CHF34.00 ریال1169335.08
CHF35.00 ریال1203727.29
CHF36.00 ریال1238119.50
CHF37.00 ریال1272511.71
CHF38.00 ریال1306903.92
CHF39.00 ریال1341296.12
CHF40.00 ریال1375688.33
Swiss franc Iranian rial
CHF41.00 ریال1410080.54
CHF42.00 ریال1444472.75
CHF43.00 ریال1478864.96
CHF44.00 ریال1513257.17
CHF45.00 ریال1547649.37
CHF46.00 ریال1582041.58
CHF47.00 ریال1616433.79
CHF48.00 ریال1650826.00
CHF49.00 ریال1685218.21
CHF50.00 ریال1719610.42
CHF51.00 ریال1754002.62
CHF52.00 ریال1788394.83
CHF53.00 ریال1822787.04
CHF54.00 ریال1857179.25
CHF55.00 ریال1891571.46
CHF56.00 ریال1925963.66
CHF57.00 ریال1960355.87
CHF58.00 ریال1994748.08
CHF59.00 ریال2029140.29
CHF60.00 ریال2063532.50
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Swiss franc

The Swiss Franc is the official currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is also used in the region of Campione d’Italia in Italy as well as in Büsingen am Hochrhein of Germany. One Swiss Franc is worth 100 Centimes, also known as Rappen in German and Centesimo in Italian. Coins come in 5, 10 and 20 Swiss Centimes as well as ½, 1, 2 and 5 Swiss Francs. Banknotes are available in 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 1000 Swiss Francs. As a reserve currency, the Swiss Franc is ranked 4th in value in the world at the time of writing.

Iranian rial

Following the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iranian Rial banknotes that showed the Shah’s face were overprinted with patterns. New Rial notes were then issued in 1986.

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