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Bitcoin Qatari riyal
XBT1.00 ر.ق15228.16
XBT2.00 ر.ق30456.31
XBT3.00 ر.ق45684.47
XBT4.00 ر.ق60912.63
XBT5.00 ر.ق76140.79
XBT6.00 ر.ق91368.94
XBT7.00 ر.ق106597.10
XBT8.00 ر.ق121825.26
XBT9.00 ر.ق137053.42
XBT10.00 ر.ق152281.57
XBT11.00 ر.ق167509.73
XBT12.00 ر.ق182737.89
XBT13.00 ر.ق197966.04
XBT14.00 ر.ق213194.20
XBT15.00 ر.ق228422.36
XBT16.00 ر.ق243650.52
XBT17.00 ر.ق258878.67
XBT18.00 ر.ق274106.83
XBT19.00 ر.ق289334.99
XBT20.00 ر.ق304563.15
Bitcoin Qatari riyal
XBT21.00 ر.ق319791.30
XBT22.00 ر.ق335019.46
XBT23.00 ر.ق350247.62
XBT24.00 ر.ق365475.77
XBT25.00 ر.ق380703.93
XBT26.00 ر.ق395932.09
XBT27.00 ر.ق411160.25
XBT28.00 ر.ق426388.40
XBT29.00 ر.ق441616.56
XBT30.00 ر.ق456844.72
XBT31.00 ر.ق472072.88
XBT32.00 ر.ق487301.03
XBT33.00 ر.ق502529.19
XBT34.00 ر.ق517757.35
XBT35.00 ر.ق532985.51
XBT36.00 ر.ق548213.66
XBT37.00 ر.ق563441.82
XBT38.00 ر.ق578669.98
XBT39.00 ر.ق593898.13
XBT40.00 ر.ق609126.29
Bitcoin Qatari riyal
XBT41.00 ر.ق624354.45
XBT42.00 ر.ق639582.61
XBT43.00 ر.ق654810.76
XBT44.00 ر.ق670038.92
XBT45.00 ر.ق685267.08
XBT46.00 ر.ق700495.24
XBT47.00 ر.ق715723.39
XBT48.00 ر.ق730951.55
XBT49.00 ر.ق746179.71
XBT50.00 ر.ق761407.86
XBT51.00 ر.ق776636.02
XBT52.00 ر.ق791864.18
XBT53.00 ر.ق807092.34
XBT54.00 ر.ق822320.49
XBT55.00 ر.ق837548.65
XBT56.00 ر.ق852776.81
XBT57.00 ر.ق868004.97
XBT58.00 ر.ق883233.12
XBT59.00 ر.ق898461.28
XBT60.00 ر.ق913689.44
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Introduced in 2009, Bitcoin is an online, digital currency which doesn’t have a central bank or ownership and is often referred to as a peer-to-peer payment system. Bitcoins are generated through a process known as "mining." This involves using specific software to solve maths problems. When a maths problem is solved, the "miner" is rewarded with a Bitcoin. These Bitcoins can then be exchanged for goods and services. Although the number of companies who accept Bitcoins is currently limited, as the currency becomes more well known the number is growing. Bitcoins can also be bought using other currencies. Bitcoin is also a "crypto-currency" which means it uses cryptography to drive the production of Bitcoins and Bitcoin transactions. This makes the currency extremely secure. The "block chain," which is effectively a public book of accounts, is used to check that genuine Bitcoins are being exchanged in all transactions. Bitcoin benefits from no limits of exchange as users can perform instant transactions at an

Qatari riyal

The Qatari Riyal is pegged to the US Dollar at a fixed exchanged rate of 1 USD to 3.64 QAR. This rate has been enshrined in law by Royal decree by Hama Bin Al Khalifa Al Thani, Emir of Qatar.

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