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Bitcoin Macedonian denar
XBT1.00 ден218677.29
XBT2.00 ден437354.59
XBT3.00 ден656031.88
XBT4.00 ден874709.17
XBT5.00 ден1093386.46
XBT6.00 ден1312063.76
XBT7.00 ден1530741.05
XBT8.00 ден1749418.34
XBT9.00 ден1968095.64
XBT10.00 ден2186772.93
XBT11.00 ден2405450.22
XBT12.00 ден2624127.51
XBT13.00 ден2842804.81
XBT14.00 ден3061482.10
XBT15.00 ден3280159.39
XBT16.00 ден3498836.69
XBT17.00 ден3717513.98
XBT18.00 ден3936191.27
XBT19.00 ден4154868.56
XBT20.00 ден4373545.86
Bitcoin Macedonian denar
XBT21.00 ден4592223.15
XBT22.00 ден4810900.44
XBT23.00 ден5029577.74
XBT24.00 ден5248255.03
XBT25.00 ден5466932.32
XBT26.00 ден5685609.61
XBT27.00 ден5904286.91
XBT28.00 ден6122964.20
XBT29.00 ден6341641.49
XBT30.00 ден6560318.79
XBT31.00 ден6778996.08
XBT32.00 ден6997673.37
XBT33.00 ден7216350.67
XBT34.00 ден7435027.96
XBT35.00 ден7653705.25
XBT36.00 ден7872382.54
XBT37.00 ден8091059.84
XBT38.00 ден8309737.13
XBT39.00 ден8528414.42
XBT40.00 ден8747091.72
Bitcoin Macedonian denar
XBT41.00 ден8965769.01
XBT42.00 ден9184446.30
XBT43.00 ден9403123.59
XBT44.00 ден9621800.89
XBT45.00 ден9840478.18
XBT46.00 ден10059155.47
XBT47.00 ден10277832.77
XBT48.00 ден10496510.06
XBT49.00 ден10715187.35
XBT50.00 ден10933864.64
XBT51.00 ден11152541.94
XBT52.00 ден11371219.23
XBT53.00 ден11589896.52
XBT54.00 ден11808573.82
XBT55.00 ден12027251.11
XBT56.00 ден12245928.40
XBT57.00 ден12464605.69
XBT58.00 ден12683282.99
XBT59.00 ден12901960.28
XBT60.00 ден13120637.57
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Macedonian denar

The early Macedonian Denar banknotes were of very poor quality. This was because they were produced in secret before the Republic of Macedonia claimed its independence. 'Denar' originates from the word 'denarius' which was a Roman unit of currency.

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