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Bitcoin Lebanese pound
XBT1.00 ل.ل6309261.74
XBT2.00 ل.ل12618523.49
XBT3.00 ل.ل18927785.23
XBT4.00 ل.ل25237046.98
XBT5.00 ل.ل31546308.72
XBT6.00 ل.ل37855570.46
XBT7.00 ل.ل44164832.21
XBT8.00 ل.ل50474093.95
XBT9.00 ل.ل56783355.70
XBT10.00 ل.ل63092617.44
XBT11.00 ل.ل69401879.18
XBT12.00 ل.ل75711140.93
XBT13.00 ل.ل82020402.67
XBT14.00 ل.ل88329664.42
XBT15.00 ل.ل94638926.16
XBT16.00 ل.ل100948187.90
XBT17.00 ل.ل107257449.65
XBT18.00 ل.ل113566711.39
XBT19.00 ل.ل119875973.14
XBT20.00 ل.ل126185234.88
Bitcoin Lebanese pound
XBT21.00 ل.ل132494496.62
XBT22.00 ل.ل138803758.37
XBT23.00 ل.ل145113020.11
XBT24.00 ل.ل151422281.86
XBT25.00 ل.ل157731543.60
XBT26.00 ل.ل164040805.34
XBT27.00 ل.ل170350067.09
XBT28.00 ل.ل176659328.83
XBT29.00 ل.ل182968590.58
XBT30.00 ل.ل189277852.32
XBT31.00 ل.ل195587114.06
XBT32.00 ل.ل201896375.81
XBT33.00 ل.ل208205637.55
XBT34.00 ل.ل214514899.30
XBT35.00 ل.ل220824161.04
XBT36.00 ل.ل227133422.78
XBT37.00 ل.ل233442684.53
XBT38.00 ل.ل239751946.27
XBT39.00 ل.ل246061208.02
XBT40.00 ل.ل252370469.76
Bitcoin Lebanese pound
XBT41.00 ل.ل258679731.50
XBT42.00 ل.ل264988993.25
XBT43.00 ل.ل271298254.99
XBT44.00 ل.ل277607516.74
XBT45.00 ل.ل283916778.48
XBT46.00 ل.ل290226040.22
XBT47.00 ل.ل296535301.97
XBT48.00 ل.ل302844563.71
XBT49.00 ل.ل309153825.46
XBT50.00 ل.ل315463087.20
XBT51.00 ل.ل321772348.94
XBT52.00 ل.ل328081610.69
XBT53.00 ل.ل334390872.43
XBT54.00 ل.ل340700134.18
XBT55.00 ل.ل347009395.92
XBT56.00 ل.ل353318657.66
XBT57.00 ل.ل359627919.41
XBT58.00 ل.ل365937181.15
XBT59.00 ل.ل372246442.90
XBT60.00 ل.ل378555704.64
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Introduced in 2009, Bitcoin is an online, digital currency which doesn’t have a central bank or ownership and is often referred to as a peer-to-peer payment system. Bitcoins are generated through a process known as "mining." This involves using specific software to solve maths problems. When a maths problem is solved, the "miner" is rewarded with a Bitcoin. These Bitcoins can then be exchanged for goods and services. Although the number of companies who accept Bitcoins is currently limited, as the currency becomes more well known the number is growing. Bitcoins can also be bought using other currencies. Bitcoin is also a "crypto-currency" which means it uses cryptography to drive the production of Bitcoins and Bitcoin transactions. This makes the currency extremely secure. The "block chain," which is effectively a public book of accounts, is used to check that genuine Bitcoins are being exchanged in all transactions. Bitcoin benefits from no limits of exchange as users can perform instant transactions at an

Lebanese pound

Lebanese Pound coins and banknotes have one side written in Arabic and the other side in French.

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