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Australian dollar

The national currency of the Commonwealth of Australia is the Australian Dollar. In use since 1966, the currency is currently the fifth most traded currency in the World. Sometimes referred to as the "Aussie" this currency is made up of 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2 coins as well as $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 banknotes. Australian coins show Queen Elizabeth II on one side.


Convert Australian dollar to Turkmenistan manat

Turkmenistan manat

Instead of its official symbol 'T' an 'M' is sometimes used to write prices in Manat. For example, 25000M. The word 'Manat' has been passed on from the Russian word 'moheta' or 'moneta' meaning 'coin' and was the name of the Soviet Ruble in Turkmenistan before its conversion to the Manat.


Australian dollar to Turkmenistan manat table
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Australian dollar Turkmenistan manat
1.00 T or M2.67
2.00 T or M5.34
3.00 T or M8.01
4.00 T or M10.69
5.00 T or M13.36
6.00 T or M16.03
7.00 T or M18.70
8.00 T or M21.37
9.00 T or M24.04
10.00 T or M26.72
11.00 T or M29.39
12.00 T or M32.06
13.00 T or M34.73
14.00 T or M37.40
15.00 T or M40.07
16.00 T or M42.74
17.00 T or M45.42
18.00 T or M48.09
19.00 T or M50.76
20.00 T or M53.43
Australian dollar Turkmenistan manat
21.00 T or M56.10
22.00 T or M58.77
23.00 T or M61.45
24.00 T or M64.12
25.00 T or M66.79
26.00 T or M69.46
27.00 T or M72.13
28.00 T or M74.80
29.00 T or M77.48
30.00 T or M80.15
31.00 T or M82.82
32.00 T or M85.49
33.00 T or M88.16
34.00 T or M90.83
35.00 T or M93.50
36.00 T or M96.18
37.00 T or M98.85
38.00 T or M101.52
39.00 T or M104.19
40.00 T or M106.86
Australian dollar Turkmenistan manat
41.00 T or M109.53
42.00 T or M112.21
43.00 T or M114.88
44.00 T or M117.55
45.00 T or M120.22
46.00 T or M122.89
47.00 T or M125.56
48.00 T or M128.23
49.00 T or M130.91
50.00 T or M133.58
51.00 T or M136.25
52.00 T or M138.92
53.00 T or M141.59
54.00 T or M144.26
55.00 T or M146.94
56.00 T or M149.61
57.00 T or M152.28
58.00 T or M154.95
59.00 T or M157.62
60.00 T or M160.29
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